Merchant of Venice


  • Do you think that Portia’s father’s test seems like a good one? Why or why not?
  1. What have your parents done that was “for your own good”? What was the end result of their actions?
  2. Was it indeed “for your own good”?
  • ) Yes, I think that Portia’s father’s test seemed like a good one as she was the only daughter he had and he was worried about her. So he planned for a test in which one who would come to marry his daughter, first had to go through a test and if he passed that test will only be able to marry her and if he failed then he was supposed to go his homeland. Portia’s father was very worried about his kingdom and the people who lived under his kingship. So he made a very difficult test which can only be passed by any wise person.

1) In this place my parents would had also done the same as the Portia’s father did. They would also prepare a difficult test for one who came to marry me. By this a I would get a wise lady who would help me in governing the empire and the empire would run more smoothly and efficiently.

2) In this place I would not think of myself I would rather think for my people who are ruled by me. I would think for their betterment and then think of myself.






Main teachings of the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling.

What does Rudyard Kipling teach the readers to be in his poetry “If”? Do you agree with him?

Image result for Rudyard Kipling poem ifAt first the poet Rudyard Kipling is advising us that we should have a self-control and this is the main point of the first verse. He says that we should keep our selves quiet when people say something against us. We should have a patience life, we should be honest and avoid dealing in emotions that work against us. We should not try to look or even act better than others people. Shakespeare said:”we are the masters of our fate” this verse reinforces this idea. Dream and ponder life. However, always be in control. Nothing, should ever control us. There are two opposing poles in life: winning and losing(triumph and disaster). A person must be just as graceful in losing as he is in winning. It is playing the game to the best of your ability that it is most important. Life is not always easy. When we have done something really well and it is broken beyond our control, we must begin again using whatever means that we can find.

Sometimes it is necessary to take chances. In our risks in life, we may lose. Start over and do not talk about it. When we are at the end of our life and our body no longer acts as it once did, we should never give up the will to go on. We  should be able to communicate with ordinary people and with kings. Never forget who we are. We should not allow outside forces to infiltrate our spirit. Do not give our-self over to man completely. No one needs to shoulder completely the woes of other men. We should never waste time. Should fill each day with life, love and work. If we can do these thing, the world is our oyster. In addition, we will be a man among men.